More than 32 million Nigerians have some form of learning disability, yet there is a profound lack of awareness in our society.
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What are you raising money for?

We are raising funds to empower teachers and parents with the tools and resources essential for effectively supporting students with learning disabilities. Our mission is grounded in the belief that schools should serve as inclusive environments where all children, irrespective of their diverse cognitive processes, can flourish. We recognize the importance of creating a safe and supportive atmosphere, particularly crucial for enabling neurodiverse students to thrive. we aim to provide teachers and parents with specialized training, workshops, and educational materials tailored to meet the unique needs of neurodiverse learners. These resources will not only enhance teachers' understanding of learning disabilities but also equip them with practical strategies for creating inclusive classrooms.

Why are you raising the funds?

We are raising money to continue educate teachers about neurodiversity, specifically focusing on learning disabilities. According to a guardian report 90 percent of teachers do not know about this disorder. Many children with this disorder in school are labeled dullards by teachers who do not know about the condition or how to manage them. Hence they cannot offer help to these children. Through our workshops and training sessions, we will equip teachers, school staff, and parents with the knowledge and skills to support neurodiverse students effectively. By promoting more inclusive practices, we can create a school culture that values and includes all students, regardless of their learning differences. This not only benefits neurodiverse students but also creates a more supportive and accepting environment for everyone in the school community.

What will the funds raised help achieve?

The funds will help to increase the number of school outreach and public awareness campaigns about neurodiversity, learning disabilities, and inclusive education by 50% compared to our previous year. We will be able to conduct more workshops and training sessions for teachers, school staff and parents on supporting neurodiverse students. The fund will help us create specialized training programs, develop educational materials, and provide ongoing support to schools and launch an after school tutorial for children struggling to learn. The fund will help us to provide ongoing support and resources to schools visited to ensure the sustainability of inclusive practices beyond the organization's intervention.

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