Summer in The Slum


After our intensive summer lesson, We will put a smile on the faces of Slum kids by throwing them an unforgettable Summer Party.
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The Dream Nurture Foundation is a global relief, developmental organization committed to bringing life and hope to children in communities covered by poverty and despondency.

We offer children educational opportunities while bringing out the best in them and engaging them in diverse range of human activities like sports, drama, and dance among others.

The Dream Nurture Foundation work with all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. Every day, we invest in children, lighting up their world and creating an opportunity for them to succeed. We provide a healthy start and continuous growth for children with constant opportunity to learn.

The Dream Nurture Foundation BELIEVES in the validity of the dreams of the child; every child deserves an opportunity to succeed

The Dream Nurture Foundation CHANGES the life of despondent children by bringing hope thereby changing the path of their future and that of the world.

Our faith teaches us that every child is a gift to the world at large irrespective of gender, faith or race. It is our goal to give every child an opportunity to excel.

Every Year, we organize free summer programs for children in the Ebute Slum. For 6 weeks, we teach them academical work. We also empower them in the arts and crafts. At the end of every summer program, eachchild gets back to school items to encourage them to go back to school. 

This year, we want to take it up a notch and give the kids an unforgettable experience. we want to throw them a summer party they will never forget. These kids go through hardship every day and barealy have reasons to smile. We will like to put a smile on their faces. 

The heart of children is crying out to us “nurture my future”. One child. One hope. One dream. Join us today.

The Dream Nurture Foundation in collaboration with the Dream Catchers will be giving back to the community on through a free summer program in ‘Ebute’ Oyingbo. While the full summer program runs from the 30thof July to 31stof August 2018, The Dream Catchers will hold free dance lessons with the kids at the slum during the program. On the 1stof September 2018, the Dream Catchers will wrap up the summer program at the ‘Ebute Slum’ by throwing and hosting a back to school party for the kids in this community. The party will be themed; Summer in the Slum; a back to school party. The party will have the slum kids play games, dance, eat, interact with the Dream Catchers.

Asides from entertaining the kids, feeding them and chatting with them while making sure they have fun, the goal of this is party is to encourage the kids to go back to school. Hence, The Dream Catchers will also be giving the slum kids back to school materials like; school bags, school sandals, pencils, exercise books, socks amongst others. 

Annually since 2008, the Dream Nurture Foundation has been equipping children with back to school materials. We have equipped over 1000 children with back to school materials and this year, we are takings things up a notch by having the dream catchers host the back to school event with a party. This is mostly because of the recent success of the former street kids; Dream Catchers. The Dream Catchers have grown from street kids to internet sensations that have caught the eye of international artistes. The goal here is for the dream catchers to inspire these slum kids who are also experiencing the difficult lives everyone of the dream catchers have experienced. Their story will resonate with the slum kids and it will be a source of inspiration to them.

Also, these slum kids who spend most of their time hungry and struggling will have an opportunity to smile, be happy and be kids. The story of the dream catchers will stay with them and help them aspire for greater heights.







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Asha Tarry
Sep 4, 2018
Anonymous - DNG-90-8306
Aug 24, 2018
Asmae Laftakh
Jul 27, 2018
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