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Gender-based Violence (GBV), especially Violence against women and girls (VAWG), is a prevalence, recurring and growing societal malaise rooted in Gender-biased cultural and religious beliefs and practices. Despite the seriousness and severity of VAWG,
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What are you raising money for?

CWEENS FCT desire to raise money to continue and sustain a program called Safe Harbor Initiative (SHI) to produce rescue and rehabilitation for women and girls who are victims of all forms of violence, as well as gender awareness/rights training for girls. The SHI program includes: A 15- capacity Safe House providing mentoring, entrepreneurial, skills acquisition, life skills training, medical/educational/legal assistance and start up grants to beneficiaries. This is needed because Gender-based violence is pervasive and on the rise among all social categories of Nigeria. Yet, both at Federal and State level support systems are either absent or grossly inadequate. Also low income women are more likely to be victims of violence and stay in violence situations due to economic dependency and cultural censorship.

Why are you raising the funds?

Gender-based violence and gender discrimination in Nigerian Church and Society is pervasive and deeply entrenched. This manifests in systemic and direct forms of violence against women and girls. A 1999 baseline survey showed a high prevalence of wife battery ranging from 20% in the North to 67% in the South. This was corroborated in a 2014 UNDP-sponsored study on GBV in Nigeria to show not only the situation has changed, but also that VAWG is seriously on the increase. Social policy and legal systems for female protection are weak and rarely enforced. There is a culture of silence and stigma around Gender-Based Violence, rooted in tradition and distorted interpretations of religious texts. There is need for holistic approach in dealing with this social problem because piecemeal strategies have proven not to work.

What will the funds raised help achieve?

is anticipated that the funds raised will contribute towards the achievement of key CWEENS thematic programme outputs related to the reduction of Gender-based violence and human rights protection. More specifically, it will help to reduce the incidence and prevalence of violence affecting women and girls (VAWG), protect their rights and increase their capacity to speak out and take action against VAWG. This will facilitate women's active participation and engagement in issues of security and access to natural resources, provide information and data relevant to issues of VAWG: deter perpetrators of VAWG as well as contribute to overall peaceful coexistence in communities and sustainable development. Atleast women and girls who have rehabilitated and in turn become peace builders in their respective communities who in turn will also be agent of change. Survivors are enjoying healthcare and education services being provided by CWEENS FCT and its partners.

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