Mr. Rotimi Ajiboye is critically ill, spent savings & loan obtained on diagnosis & treatment with no significant improvement. he needs help.
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What are you raising money for?

Mr. Rotimi Ajiboye is a hardworking young man in his forties who has been ill for some time now. His two legs were swollen. His physical look has really degenerated. The handsome looking man is now looking skinny. He had made a whole lot of personal effort on his treatment by spending all of his savings and loan obtained on diagnosis and treatment with no significant improvement. He was referred to a private hospital here in Abuja few days ago. The Doctor, after carrying out series of test and some treatment, had recommended carrying out a dialysis. This is because the test results had shown that the problem was from the Kidney. Doctors had mention that the kidney has a storage of some water and bad blood. Hence, the need for dialysis to be carried out on Mr. Rotimi to correct this. It was mentioned that after the first dialysis, test would be conducted again to determine if another dialysis will be needed. These requires a lot of money that we cannot afford, hence we beg the well meaning Nigerians to help rescue Mr. Ajiboye Rotimi. From treatment received so far, there has been a slight improvement but the doctor had warned that the dialysis had to be done until the kidney functions are fully restored.

Why are you raising the funds?

I am raising money to help with Mr. Rotimi Ajiboye’s current medical bills and to make funds available for subsequent treatment until he fully recovers. The Doctor had warned that the procedures had to be completed and for this, payment has to be made. The bill issued for only two day is already over a million Naira. This fund will help Mr. Rotimi to pay his medical bill and will also enable him to have access to full medical attention until he fully recovers. I am also raising this fund to help save a life. This will also help Mr. Rotimi to be able to go back to his job and normal life.

What will the funds raised help achieve?

Mr. Rotimi Ajiboye is critically ill, he had spent all his savings and loan obtained on diagnosis and treatment with no significant improvement. He was referred to a private hospital here in Abuja few days ago. This fund will help to restore back Mr. Rotimi Ajiboye's health and life. It will enable Mr. Rotimi Ajiboye to have access to an appropriate medical attention, fit for his condition and be able to secure the payment of the bills. All these will help Mr. Rotimi Ajiboye enjoy good health once again which will enable him assume his to his family. He will live to forever be grateful for for another chance to live and live healthy

Update #1

I intend to extend this campaign to help get the needed help as the funds received so far is quite insignificant to what is needed. I really appreciate the efforts and the privileged access to this platform on behalf of Mr. Rotimi Ajiboye. Thank you and warm regards.
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