The project emphasizes on the need to heal from past pains and trauma, anxieties, and mistakes from our past experiences and encounters.
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Funding Goal

What are you raising money for?

The money i am raising from this fundraiser is going to be used for the creation of illustrated visuals, sound production, distribution and the purchase of the technical elements required for my next project “ELIJAH” to reach completion. The project serves as a spiritual guide created to enable other people to be able to reflect on their selves and achieve peace and oneness within their soul irrespective of their current life circumstances. The project emphasizes on the need to heal from past pains and trauma, anxieties, and mistakes from our past experiences and encounters. Also, 30 percent of the profit realized from the commercialization of this project will be spent directly towards charity purposes in Nigeria.

Why are you raising the funds?

I am raising the fundraiser because i need more resources to finance my dream of becoming a propeller of peace and happiness to the oppresed and everyone else that’s going through a challenging and extreme situation . I am creating this fundraiser to make sure every part of the ELIJAH movement plan is well implemented and executed. Why we are doing this is so we can be able to get the sermon to reach as many souls that needs to be set free from the situations and created by our thoughts, mostly the negative ones and that we should start having positive ones because our thoughts becomes our reality.

What will the funds raised help achieve?

The funds raised will help attain and allow for the availability of the resources and elements required for the in order for this project to reach completion and to ensure that the project is distributed to all and sundry. This progress will help ensure that the message of Elijah reaches every kid, teenager, adult and elites in Africa and the whole world at Large. Also 25% of the earnings from the commercialization of the project will be used for the provision of clothing, food and other charitable assistance for the less privileged ones in our community and society in general.

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