Poople is all about connect Nigeria business industries and entrepreneurs to the rest of the world
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What are you raising money for?

Poople establishment What is POOPLE and what has it come to do? POOPLE is an initiative inspired by Godspower Obiri Chidinma with the desire to correct the gruesome identity placed on Africa, POOPLE is set at strengthening and to plunge the unification of Africa and this in itself is our most prioritized goal. POOPLE has come to stand as a beacon of hope to nigeria and the nations of africa, we won't be taking it easy neither will be lenient about our promises to you. Our Mission is to *Connect Africa Consumers and entrepreneurs. *Bringing the market/store to the comforts of the service providers and sellers thereby creating equality in market conditions of class in the society thereby building a more united and healthy people. *We are here to rectify the narrative that Nigerian or Africa produce are not durable *Helping Africa Majorly Nigerian entrepreneurs or service providers reach a larger audience/public. Their by providing more traffic for sellers.

Why are you raising the funds?

The major reason I'm raising this funds is ensure that these business idea doesn't die out most importantly with inspiration I have right now and zeal I have to make sure that Nigeria gets backs on it's feet as the giant of Africa. The funds would help in kick starting the project not completion though. The intention is to kick start and build as we grow. We would need a workable system for a start and with the team of expert I have improvising won't be much of a challenge. The major factor is a workable system of core i5 - i7 at least 8g ram 1 terabytes stage space

What will the funds raised help achieve?

This fund would help us achieve the kick start for this innovation, it will be the building block upon which we we build a legacy in which this nation Nigerian can thrive on. This fund would help us give Nigeria a voice on the global market. With this funds we would be able to reach out to a number of well doing enterprises in Nigeria at large so as to initiate the major purpose of this innovation which is to project Nigeria on the map of the world. The fund would help us get a system first then also help us in the running and maintains for the first six months, it would be the breaking point for us in achieve this vision

Update #3

Creating a strong network of intellectuals who would bring about revolutionization to Nigeria and Africa at Large Now this requires good funding majorly for the tech space we would be operating from and also the so many communing we would be doing like moving from one location to another I have a breed of team. Tech inclined team though who's ready to join me in making this a possibility but what we need now majorly is funding
Update #2

I then thought what could be done that was when an idea was sowed into heart which comes with the name POOPLE Our vision is to place Nigeria or create much more visibility for industrious Nigerians on the Global market placing Nigeria or Africa on the Global scale there by giving them more or their own space to thrive.
Update #1

Poople is an innovation I conceived in 2020. And since then it has been my day to day dream to bring it to light. I saw how Nigeria lost out in the 1 and 2 economic revolution and I see them missing out on this one that's already happening which is the Tech Revolution they missed out heavily on the industrial revolution
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Oluwafemi Joshua
Aug 9, 2022
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Aug 7, 2022
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