Help me get a PC to further my coding journey.


Aspiring Developer, Learning to Code on My Phone - Seeking Donations to Advance Skills
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What are you raising money for?

I'm a self-taught, passionate 17-year-old with big dreams of becoming a full stack developer one day. For the past year, I've been teaching myself web development and programming languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript - all through my basic Android smartphone. Coding on a mobile phone screen has been challenging but I've persevered with determination. However, I've now hit a major roadblock in my self-learning. My tiny phone screen and limited functionality make it nearly impossible to advance to the next crucial stage - learning frameworks like React, Node.js and database languages that require more advanced IDEs and computing power. Right now, I simply need a basic laptop to transcend the severe limitations imposed by my phone screen and unlock my further learning potential in web development. Any small donation can help me an inch closer to purchasing one. With the right tools, I know I can rapidly gain skills by building real portfolio projects that allow me to apply what I'm learning.

Why are you raising the funds?

I come from a modest financial background and live with my single mom who works long hours to support our family. I have been saving all of my modest allowance money over the past months with the goal of having enough for a refurbished laptop one day. But even the prices of used laptops are still out of my reach financially for now. I spend 4-5 hours every day after school deeply immersed in coding tutorials and documentation on my smartphone. I have a true passion for problem solving and building functional web apps from scratch. My dream is to gain expertise across the entire web development stack - from front to back end - so I can turn my ideas into real products and potentially even run my own startup one day after college.

What will the funds raised help achieve?

Your donation, no matter how modest, can make a huge difference in unlocking my future opportunities in tech. With access to the proper tools, I can expand my knowledge exponentially faster to acquire in-demand programming skills. This will allow me to gain real-world experience by building an impressive portfolio - boosting my prospects of landing internships that provide a career foothold in software engineering. Your small contribution has the power to set me on the path I'm striving for - achieving expertise in coding and using it to make a positive impact as a developer. More than just helping me purchase equipment, you will be investing in the potential of an aspiring teenage mind. Your generosity can truly put my dreams within reach given me the ability to reach out to same individuals in my current plight.

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May 27, 2024
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May 16, 2024
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