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OluwaNIfemi Oluwajuwon is 8yrs born normally but presently suffering from effect of jaundice, he can’t talk, stand, walk or hold anything.
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“A story of a crying mother”

I have gotten series of advice from various people

Some said I should dispose him, pack all his cloths out

But I have the fear of God

Sometimes I do feel tempted to leave and abandon him

Or lock him up inside.

I tried taking him to private schools, he was rejected

They said they can’t admit him because of his condition

He can’t sit

He can’t walk

He can’t speak clearly to state what he wants

I always try to suggest his needs for him

So it has not being easy for me

When I think about the suggestion I get from people

Some says this child will make me stagnant

And I would not be able to achieve my dreams

Saying he will not let me reach my destination in life

He does not allow you to work

He does not allow you to do anything

And you are educated

Sometimes I also think about these things

I do ask God of what to do

But am always tempted to do evil things

Sometimes I just feel like leaving him indoor 

But when I try doing that I feel remorse, that he is also created by God

And he is not a tree

I know one day things would change, I have not given up on him

When there is life, there is hope

A Miracle will happen one day

I have put my faith in God

I have put my life in Gods hand

He should do to us as He pleases, I and Nife

I am not happy with all am passing through because of Nife

All my effort to move forward is to no avail because of his health

I am not happy at all

The drug, I purchase for him monthly is 17,000 

The Physiotherapy and Ot with speech therapy which is 12,000

I do take him to Oshodi at Psychiatric hospital for checkup monthly

He even has an appointment tomorrow but I don’t have money to pay for the charges

I would love him to go to school and become a great person 

Now Nifemi is eight years, when he sees his age mate he reacts 

He feels he should also be waking 

He is always pained and he cries and I also feel pained as well

I do believe that there is nothing God can do.

So I pray in my mind anywhere I am, even when am with them

I believe there is no impossibility in God

I know that the God I serve will not make me ashamed

He will answer my prayers

I know that Nifemi will also do as his mates are doing

He will walk and talk like his mates do

All that his mates do he will also do

I believe that one day, Nifemi will walk

I have not lost my faith


Scene 2

I am Salako Morufat Omolara

I am from Abeokuta, Ake local Government, Ijaye Ogun State

I was born in Agege Lagos State

I stayed with my Father’s younger brother while growing in Ajegunle

I went to Moshood Abiola Polytechnic with National Diploma Honors in 2012

I got pregnant after my Industrial training

The name of my husband is Otunola Ganiyu Kehinde

He is from Kwara State

Nife was born in Agege at Get Well hospital, Isale Oja Agege

Nothing was detected after his birth about Jaundice

I was discharged a day after his delivery

And afterward we went to Badagry

When we got to badagry, we wanted to take the routine injection after eight days

At Ijaniki Hospital

That was where it was detected that he has jaundice

They said they can’t treat him that we should take him to badagry hospital

When we got to Badagry we were transferred with an ambulance to Outreach Hospital Festac

At Outreach Hospital, he was admitted there and he was given blood transfusion

And he was given several imported drugs

He was taken care of and discharged after two weeks

After taking him home, we tried using herbal drug

And followed many suggested place by many consigned people

We tried our best, I and my husband.

After five month, we noticed he could not sit.

We took him back to the hospital and explained the situation

They said it because of His health condition and he has been affected a lot

And we were referred to Physio, Gbobi Hospital in Onipanu

We took him there, since then it’s been back and forth on his health issue doing several check up

Running different test

He could not sit, speak or stand after three years

My husband was supportive, he was a civil engineer

He traveled to the east for one of his job in Porthacourt and when he got back home after two months

He complained of tiredness and said he wants to go to the hospital 

He was admitted in the hospital as he was diagnosed of malaria and unfortunately later died in June 13 2016

My husband really tried his best and spent much money

And when suggestions are made as regards Nife he will oblige and we always did all that was required


Scene 3

When my grandfather saw my child, he insisted we continue treatment at Igbobi

After my husband death, I could not continue his treatment because I was jobless

But my Grandpa came to my rescue, he said we should continue his treatment in Igbobi

Affirming that there is nothing God cannot do that there will be changes

So I continued the treatment in that same year- 2016

I spent almost 6 months there, after previous visits before my husband demise

I didn’t see any changes, I was advised to go to the Island, Mercy Children Hospital , Ita Eleye

We took him there, and he was tested and taken care of

We were given drugs and we did all we were ask to do

We purchased chairs and back holds

We did all we were told to do

We kept taking care of him but all to no avail

I spent two years at Mercy Hospital

I stopped going to Mercy Hospital 2018

When I did not see any changes

Since I was married, I didn’t want too much family pressure

I didn’t want to go back to my father’s house

So I had to struggle my own way to independence

I engaged in making and Sales of Sobo drinks, chin chin, pastries and petty snacks business

I used that to sustain my house rent payment

So I decided to relocate to Estate at Ifako

And that’s how I started a new life in 2018

I enrolled Nifemi In a new school, so he could get along with his mate

I continued my sales, I also sale in schools as well

I use that to support myself and I can’t ignore him

I did all that to sustain us and make us okay

The place I stayed in was sold in 2019

We were given a notice prior to that and we left the house

Then I relocated to this present location I am at Powerline

I got here January 2020

I didn’t want to stay home and I also wanted him to go to school

So I tried taking him to special school and even private school and he was rejected

I took him to a government school at Abule Egba, New Oko Oba Primary School

That was where I was advised to take him to another Hospital in Oshodi

A Psychiatric Hospital in Oshodi

I decided to take him there, because I believe there is nothing Impossible for God

When we got there, several tests were conducted and several questions were asked from me

Ranging from the hospitals we have gone and several other question and I answered all

They checked him and said he was okay

They advised us to do brain test, we did and we were told is brain is okay

We were told to continue Physio for him, that as they do the Physio in hospital

I should also continue doing the physio for him too at home with several things we were told to use like

Support shoes and others I got it and I used them so he could stand on his own

I used everything

Most time I use to back him, it’s so stressful

I back him most of the times, the backing is becoming too much

Even when I am in my shop I use to back him

If I drop him and try to move, he reacts as if I want to leave him

I will always have to carry him before I attend to customers

The stress is much for me

I want people to assit me

They should consider the pains I am going through

The fact that I have not disposed this boy or abandon him despite all people have said.

I just remain focused on God

I don’t leave him at anytime

I am struggling with my son so that he can succeed

He should achieve his dreams

I beg everyone to assist me with anything they have

Most especially for his education

I want him to go to school and become great in life

Please do assist me is all I plead

Anyone that God has sent and place it in their heart to help me as regards Nifemi

They should please help me

I know God will help them as well

God will not leave them alone in Jesus name

I need money for his medications

I need him to go to special school

And also for his feeding, and also to take care of him

It is not easy for me to do this alone

I need the support of everyone

Please have mercy on me

I have gone online and seen many school

I have seen a special school I would love to take him to

I want him to go to school so he can become okay

And have a better experience, I am confident that he cannot continue like this

Please everyone help me

Have mercy on me

I am incapacitated, the school fees is expensive

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