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The project is to help young Nigerian Artist/ Freelance Documentary Photographer get a new camera as His Old Camera got broken.
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Funding Goal

What are you raising money for?

The money raise is to help Damilola a freelance Photographer based in Nigeria get a new camera as His Old Camera got broken during a community project. My Objectives as a visual story teller is to reach the world with my craft, to highlight social problems in the society, rewrite the wrongly told story about my community, Culture and the society at large, Making sure history is properly documented by photographing Festivals, record breaking events, National Ceremonial occasion and to accomplish all these I need a camera that is capable of withstanding any condition, flexible through any weather, fast and portable. With this I believe I have the chance of impacting the world.

Why are you raising the funds?

Since I am a freelance Documentary Photographer and most of my projects are self funded trying to make impact on the society and the country at large. I have been borrowing and renting camera to make this and sometimes it reduces the effectiveness of the project also caused delay in my growth as a young emerging artist, This is why this fund raising is important to me to increase productivity and to provide relevance to my projects and help me transport my dreams from The fantasy world to reality. Being a Photographer without a camera as affected my self esteem, growth as an artist. Getting a camera will help me stand strong back on my feet and fulfill destiny.

What will the funds raised help achieve?

The funds I will be getting from this fundraiser will help me get a new camera , save me from the risks of borrowing and renting cameras that are not mine, increase the effectiveness in my projects, increase my productivity , bring back my self esteem and above all help the fulfillment of my dreams with solve problems, raise people, tell stories of my community, culture and the whole whole, Connect Dots and Community, Bridge Gap between different Society, Documentary History all these and more are things that interest me and getting a new camera through this fundraiser will help me achieve.

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Goke Paul
Feb 9, 2023
Anonymous - DNG-90-67640
Feb 8, 2023
Anonymous - DNG-90-67362
Feb 1, 2023
Victor Adewale
Jan 14, 2023
Anonymous - DNG-90-67092
Jan 14, 2023
Jan 14, 2023
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