Aim at boosting the morale of Akwa Ibom girls.


This campaign aims at boosting the morale of Akwa Ibom girls who have been shamed into believing the worse about themselves.
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What are you raising money for?

I have remained embarrassed and frustrated by some of the negative narratives out there in the Nigerian states about the Akwa Ibom girl child, her waywardness, her promiscuity, her sexuality and her serviceability. Her delegation to serving and not leading. I took it upon myself to conduct extensive research which has led to the understanding that Akwa Ibom girls are considered sex dolls and kitchen maids which is not true in any way, however, the narrative is prevalent in today's community. This discovery led my foundation; Hope Girl Crystal Foundation, to come up with this campaign in other to change the narrative as this narrative has injured the morale of Akwa Ibom girls and also reduced their involvement in growth-related activities. To facilitates this movement, I am also publishing a 100-page book to empower the Akwa Ibom girl child. It will be made available to 100 people for free. This campaign aims at boosting the morale of Akwa Ibom girls who have been shamed into believing the worse about themselves and also giving them the mental audacity to explore the unique potential within.

Why are you raising the funds?

I created this fundraising campaign to solicit help in terms of donations as I have very limited resources to make this campaign a success. After intensive research organise a seminar presentation to educate and empower the girls to stand up and never deal with the false narrative created against us in the Nigerian states. And to open their eyes to digital opportunities and how to maximize them. In all, these funds will help me to organize a successful seminar and also get the necessary tools to skill them on digital creation for higher chances to eradicate this awful narrative spread against us.

What will the funds raised help achieve?

Below are the things that are still unprepared to make the seminar presentation a success: 1. Publicity. After intense research have concluded that I can not get this event done without publicity. Since it’s a community campaign and we need more of our girls to know about the movement around the Akwa Ibom L.G.A. This will prompt their interest to be present and be involved. 2. Logistics. A successful event is impossible if I don’t transport around in preparation so I must get my logistic that will take me around during this process. Another is that most people won’t have the funds to transport to the venue despite their interest especially those in an L.G.A far away from the venue! I intend to provide logistics for them to be present. 3. Event hall. 5. Refreshment. Looking forward to Your kind donation Thank you.

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