Library Construction


Donations made will be used to develop the library at Festac Grammar School .
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Funding Goal

What are you raising money for?

The money would be used to purchase the materials used in construction of the shelves, reading tables and also for the painting of the library. We'll also need to get good locks, reconstructing of the windows as well as the lighting of the library. The funds will also be used to purchase computer systems for effective book keeping, the books needed and other miscellaneous that may come up in the course of carrying out the project. There would also be the need to effectively train the teachers that would be in charge of the library to run it effectively. The money being raised will be used to make the library very conducive for the students.

Why are you raising the funds?

Project and Initiative Value (N) Breakdown Facility Upgrade - 645,000 This includes Painting, Facility branding, Burglary and good locks, lighting, desktops (3) Furniture - 665,000 This includes Bookshelves (2), reading tables (6), ceiling fan (2), standing fan (1), Desktop tables (2), chairs (30) Books - 900,000 This includes 15 Subjects, 3 Classes and 5-10 Copies per Title" Accessories - 60,000 This includes Library Stamps, Cataloguing Cards, Frames Miscellaneous - 113,500 TOTAL - 2,383,500

What will the funds raised help achieve?

The reading culture in this age has reduced drastically. Students no longer open up books to study. And even the ones who want to, sometimes do not have access it. Then during their free time, instead of going to the library to keep themselves busy, they will just loiter around because they do not have a functional library and books that would peak their interest. The funds being used to carry out the library development will really change a lot of things for them. The funds raised for this project would be groundbreaking as the trend of declined library use will be reduced, there will be increased academic performance of the students and there will also great development in the reading culture among students.

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