Henry was born with hearing and vocal impairment


I am 21yrs, I was born with hearing and vocal impairment, I have fluid in my head and I am carrying a shunt. I feel so sad and different.
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 Hello, I am the first fruit of my family at 23yrs old, the picture you see is my brother, he is hearing and vocally impaired,he has eye problem,he staggers bend sideways when he walks because his head is too big for him.He is our only brother, we are only three with my younger sister too. My mom lost her business long ago due to health issue of my brother and my dad's  job is not going anywhere as a result of constant paying of hospital bills without ending. I finished NCE in 2015 by mercy of God and since then till now, no breaklight and no moving forward, all effort to attain another height is abortive.The health challenge of my brother gives me nightmare, sometimes all I do is weep; my brother whom you see in the picture is currently 21 but look at him looking like a 10yr old. The doctors said their is a fluid  in his head, he started having seizures last year, throughout last year, he was in the hospital (almost all the months) including my mom because they did a neurological operation on him, a shunt was passed from his head through the neck to the stomach to help remove some of the fluids,so her business crashed. My brother was always repeating class because he is not where he should be,he has been in primary school since even at his age, he needs serious medical care and good school. His seizures keeps repeating even after the operation, sometimes it takes it hours to stop, each time he has seizures it will take him to to regain consciousness,the bones in his leg are shifting because of several seizure so he limps now while walking. I am afraid of his future, there is a hunch on his back that has stopped him from growing, even kids that he is very much older than, insults and beat him, it's so painful for us, especially for my mom. We try our best not to make him feel the difference but he always knows that there is a difference.No day passes by without him asking with signs why God made him different,it always leaves tears in my eyes,I would tell him to trust in the Lord. He understands because he would go on his knees to beg God (though we don't understand his sounds but God understand the sounds he makes and sees is heart). He needs your help because his condition is getting worse by the day, he can barely see with his eyes except you come closer and touch him, you can pass by him and he won't notice, especially his left eye. I have plans of sending him to the best special schools, but Ihave not had the resources. I hate to be in this situation, but I believe you can be an instrument in God's hand to offer a helping hand towards my story. Nothing is too small to donate to Henry, your donations can make him better. please help him in any way you can, he wouldn't mind a free Education or medical care,anything at all provided his condition improves at the end of the day. Help us to manage his health monthly and see how it goes, if no result we would make plans of sending him for more surgeries. I already contacted some hospitals with his health results before the operation but they demanded for a recent one which we have not done because of finances. Please don't deny Henry the opportunity of being better,we look forward to the day he would hear and speak for the first time,it will be the happiest day of my life. that can be achieved with your help by God's grace, nothing is difficult or impossible for God.May God continue to increase your reward as you lend a helping hand to Henry in Jesus name, Amen.

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