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The project objective is to provide 2200 Mosquito nets for the Internally Displaced people in Kuchingoro IDP Camp Abuja.
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Julie Helping Hands Foundation (JHF) is a Non-Governmental Organization, registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC/IT/89697) in 2016 and has a Head Quarter office in Abuja, with a commitment to providing exceptional solutions for the improved well-being of the less privileged women, girls and children in suburban and rural communities. The organization since then has carried out programs and advocacy campaigns, implemented comprehensive community health and social development services to assist the less privileged in the society.


According to the latest World malaria report, there were 241 million cases of malaria in 2020 compared to 227 million cases in 2019. The estimated number of malaria deaths stood at 627,000 in 2020 – an increase of 69,000 deaths over the previous year. In 2020 the WHO African Region calculated about 95% of all malaria cases and 96% of deaths compared to other regions of the world. Children under 5 years of age accounted for about 80% of all malaria deaths in the Region. From the new WHO cause-of-death methodology, it has been revealed that malaria has taken a considerably higher toll on African children every year since 2000 than previously thought. Four African countries accounted for just over half of all malaria deaths worldwide: Nigeria (31.9%), the Democratic Republic of the Congo (13.2%), United Republic of Tanzania (4.1%) and Mozambique (3.8%).

Malaria is the most common illness that plagues the Nigerian populace. Statistics prove that Nigeria has the highest number of global malaria cases and accounts for the highest number of deaths.

The 2014-2020 National Malaria Strategic Plan (NMSP) expired in December 2020. However, the 2019 Malaria Program Review indicated that there will be no significant changes in the strategic direction of the malaria elimination program in the new strategic plan.

The 2018 NDHS also indicated that 41% of the population slept under an insecticide-treated net (ITN) the previous night.

In rural populations, its prevalence is 2.4 times that in urban populations (31% vs. 13%)

Compared to the highest socioeconomic group, prevalence among children in the lowest socioeconomic group is seven times higher (38% vs. 6%).

This project will therefore focus on people living in poor environmental conditions, particularly those in the IDP camp.


The Internally displaced camp in kuchingoro FCT is home to victims of terrorist activities in their original homes (particularly northern), Boko Haram from the northeast, Banditry, kidnapping and cattle rustling in the northwest, Farmers Herders Crisis in the north Centre. JHF carried out a needs assessment and the data generated shows that the camps in plays host to a population of two thousand three hundred and twenty (2,320) people, women 720 making 31.03% of the camp population, household men 564 of 24.32%, youths 516 with 22.24% and children 520 of 22.41%. Due to the poor housing system of the camp, malaria is on the rampage, there is a high rate of loss of lives. Women and children have died from health complications believed to be malaria. According to the baseline report, 75% of children within the camp are malnourished due to the living conditions they find themselves in. JHF believes that displacement is not deprivation. We seek to provide Long Lasting Insecticide Nets (LLIN) to reduce loss of lives and the financial, social, and mental burden malaria places on the people. The organization also intend to distribute deworming drugs and also malnutrition supplements to save lives and improve the social warfare of the populace 


The cost of a Permanent Mosquito Net is 2500 per unit

For more information on the organization and other previous projects executed visit


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Instagram: jhfoundation_ng

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