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Give Girls Pad is an initiative which focuses on equipping the 'girl child' with sanitary aids and education on proper menstrual hygiene.
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What are you raising money for?

At Vagina care our goal is to educate and empower young women in Africa about sexual health,hygiene and lifestyle. The core value is to teach girls and women how to care for their vagina, things to do and things not to do to keep the vagina clean and healthy as well as providing pads to girls and women who can't afford to get some. As you probably know, in Africa young girls will often share their sanitary towels (usually scrap cloth) with their mothers or other women in the household. Of course they are washed thoroughly between uses, but venereal diseases can be transmitted through sharing in spite of that. Also, study shows that most underprivileged girls miss school for at least four days each month over menstruation. These issues are not talked about in Africa, due to embarrassment, lack of understanding and the low priority of such problems in the face of starvation, violence, death, illiteracy and the many struggles of daily life. You can prevent this by donating to “Give girls pad 3months for a family !!!

Why are you raising the funds?

Not so fun fact. One in ten school girls in Africa miss classes or drop out completely due to their period, and substitute pads or tampons for less safe and less absorbent materials such as rags, newspaper, or tissue papers. Sadly the cost for sanitary towels has spiked upwards in recent years, and our utmost goal is to eradicate 'period poverty' and in doing this, we solicit for your help. This October we would be holding the 9th edition of Give girls pad campaign and it's tagged ‘Give Girls Pad 3months’. This campaign seeks to provide a box of sanitary towels enough to last a girl child for the remaining of 2022 (3 months). We would also give them a thorough lecture on hygiene, abstinence and consent.

What will the funds raised help achieve?

The vision of Vagina Care is to create a society in which every woman and girl is empowered to manage her menstruation safely, hygienically, with confidence and without shame, where no woman or girl is limited by something as natural and normal as her period. And to achieve this, we need your support. With N2,000 you can sponsor a girl for 3 months and ensure that she has her own sanitary towels and roll- on Deodorant for the rest of 2022 With N20,000 you can sponsor 10 girls. Each girl that is sponsored learns of the importance of using their towel via monthly health education sessions and goes on to teach their children who will teach their children.

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