Fundraising for fibroid Minimally Invasive surgery


I keenly and humbly request fundraising for a Minimally Invasive Surgical Solution for Endometrial Polyp/Uterine fibroid.
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What are you raising money for?

I have Endometrial Polyp/Uterine Fibroid. It all started in year 2016 when my sister noticed an unusual growth in my stomach while lying on a bed. Then, it was size of an orange but it is as big as a football now. The higher part of my waist used to be 26 inches before the growth but presently, it measures 33 inches. I did not take it serious because I thought it was something minor until it started getting bigger and worse. I found out from the first scan I did in year 2019 what I am actually suffering from. According to research, Uterine Fibroid grows as a result of high level of estrogen in a woman's body. It is an ailment that affects women of childbearing age. I would have gone for an open surgery called Myomectomy but I kept hearing same thing that I am not fit for it because my blood count and weight is very low. Aside from this, there is high probability of the tumor growing back and complications arising after an open surgery.

Why are you raising the funds?

To be hale and hearty again. I really need to get rid of the monster as soon as possible because it keeps draining me physically, mentally and emotionally. In fact, I am suffering from a symptomatic Uterine Fibroid that comes with severe menstrual cramp, fatigue, swollen legs and feet, constipation, stomach bloating, heavy menstruation, loss of appetite, loss of weight, frequent urination, excessive discharge, recurring yeast infection and Bacterial Vaginosis. My health condition keeps deteriorating with all the symptoms above. I found out about a safer and better way of getting rid of my ailment in year 2022 from the internet. I discovered many Minimally Invasive Surgical Solutions like Ablation, Laparoscopy, High Intensity Focus Ultrasound (HIFU), Uterine Artery Embolization (UAE) e.t.c. I could not go for any of them because they are very expensive with their pre-operative tests for even an average Nigerian to afford in private hospitals. Their price range is between one to two million naira. For awhile, I have not been working because I am limited to some jobs and opportunities. I have not really been living up to normal standards of life. I would be glad if my request is favorably granted by every supportive and compassionate individual of the society. Thank you in anticipation for your earnest consideration and contribution.

What will the funds raised help achieve?

To stay alive in order to give back in folds to the society in the nearest future. To be nourished health wise in order to enrich others. To be able to grab every great opportunity. To stop feeling stigmatized every time and start living up to normal standards of life. To use myself as a case study and give hope to the hopeless. To inspire others to pay adequate attention to their well-being since health is the greatest gift and contentment is the greatest wealth. To be impactful and influential. To be hale and hearty again. To be a blessing and solution to this generation and generations to come.

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May 14, 2024
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