Palliative Response for Flood Victims


A quick response to flood victims of River Ngadda in Maiduguri. A recent survey shows adverse hunger and loss of livelihood.
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Funding Goal

What are you raising money for?

To cushion adverse effects of flood in congested settlements which has thrown victims into adversity, extreme hunger and exposure to diseases, particularly the cholera outbreak. We are raising the money to respond to Nutritional and Health emergencies of verifiable victims of the recent flood which has virtually displace thousands of settlers, rendering them, homeless, hungry and vulnerable to pandemics. We are providing them with basic relief materials, dignity kits and oral cholera vaccines. The money covers for the entire process which includes (purchase of materials, amenities, vaccines, logistics and volunteers stipends). The money will also help in mobilizing the response team with the necessary preparation to execute the project.

Why are you raising the funds?

We are raising this fund because it is the right time just after the flood has subsided. We initially don't even have access to this areas to survey the effects of the flood. But this time seems to be perfect for us so we can quantify damages, make assessments before response. We are raising this funds basically to secure livelihood for the victims, ensure their reintegration to community. We are raising this fund because we feel responsible for their welfare and resuscitation. We seek to act as fast as possible before we loose track of verifiable persons with critical needs.

What will the funds raised help achieve?

This fund will restore the livelihood of over 200 adult victims and 300-400 infants who have been adversely affected by flood. The disaster has never been so bad until recent time when it overflowed houses and huts to their roofs, leaving no property for the owners. We want to secure recovery and restorations, rehabilitation and reintegration with possible psycho-social support for traumatized victims. We have records of 24 loss of lives with only 6 bodies spotted and recovered. We also hope to condole with families of the diseased with tokens of support. The fund will go a long way to revitalize this group of people so they can get back to daily activities as usual and perform their social responsibilities accordingly.

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Oct 25, 2022
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