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Help Miss Faith Nweke achieve her dreams of becoming fa lawyer and donate to assist her pass through the Nigerian law school.
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Faith Nweke is a Law Student at the University of Benin, Nigeria. Born as the 1st child in a family of seven, Faith witnessed firsthand, oppression of the low class, suppression of their rights, and being left to the whims and caprices of the high and mighty in the society because they didn't have a voice. As a child, she found her passion for wanting to defend the helpless and be a voice for them, helping them reach where they could not. This she did in her own little although limited way. 
The atmosphere of the country towards the poor, underprivileged and female gender, stoked the flames of advocacy in her and greatly influenced her choice of a career. She resolved to make a huge impact and cause a shakedown against these established backward values, thus she picked an efficacious yet arduous path to achieve this: The Legal Profession. 
University Education doesn't come cheap anywhere in the word, talk more of in Nigeria; Despite the state of family finances and a lot of distractions and discouragements, Miss Nweke blocked out all negativity and studied hard, acing all examinations that came her way in blazing colours, and against all odds gained admission to study Law at the prestigious University of Benin. Again, it looked like she had began a journey she would not be able to finish, but she paid no heed to naysayers. When her family finances buckled under the elephantine financial implications, she didn't sit and lament, rather she took part time jobs to cover it all up. Yet she still maintained excellent results, participated in extra curricular activities, Moot and Mock competitions in which she dazzled the audience and Judges and even emerged as best counsel on one occasion; and she also took up noble causes in Volunteering. All these she did with a cheerful spirit and a warm infectious attitude. 

Almost five years after, Faith in the twilight moments of her University Education has reached another hurdle, the last lap in the long journey to become a Legal Practitioner, The Nigerian Law School. This is a financial beast she cannot take down on her own, and she needs all the help the world can give. Miss Nweke is part of a new Nigeria, rising to rescue the nation from the ashes of ignominy which into which it has been plunged. Having been resilient enough against all odds to try and save up for this purpose, her efforts have been limited. She stares failure right in the face, she's at the risk of being made a laughing stock among her doubters and naysayers. 
Hence this is a call to all those, who love Education, who believe in the achievement of the MDGs, who believe in the empowerment of the girl child: Help Faith Nweke achieve her dream, help her to be a beacon of light to millions, a source of hope to many more. The society needs her, Nigeria needs her, the World needs her, but for now, she needs us. 
As John Bunyan said, “ You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you."

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