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What are you raising money for?

"When you’re in a position to have gotten so much, the best gift that you can give is to give back” This quote summaries the idea behind the founding of Alumni Love, where various alumni come together to give back to the society in the form of education. The first project executed in driving this vision was the ‘educate a child Ota ’project, where through your contributions, we were able to help Nana Bashiru who seemingly had no hope of going to school, further her education. We are glad to conclude from Nana’s progress report that we have seen great improvement and we are happy that this has helped lay a strong foundation for the great future that lies ahead of her. Another opportunity to give back to the society is here again and this time the focus is on the Yaba community, Educate a Child Yaba. This project will be carried out in partnership with Iveng Foundation which was founded in 2021 by 5 passionate young adults whose passion is to see that under privileged secondary school children have access to quality education. The “Educate a Child Yaba” Campaign has chosen Samuel Godwin as the beneficiary for this campaign. Samuel Godwin is a 15-year-old boy who currently lives in Yaba, Lagos with his single mum and sister.

Why are you raising the funds?

In January 2022, Samuel dropped out of school due to certain negative circumstances which were affecting his family at the time. Also, his mother could not afford his school fees, as she had to focus on the treatment of his visually impaired sister. We have chosen to assist him to return to school because he has shown a strong eagerness and drive to be in school. Educate a child Yaba gives everyone an equal opportunity to be a part of the success story of Godwin Samuel, as true success is measured by the number of lives we have impacted. We have seen Samuel’s eagerness and willingness to learn, the passion he has to make a change in his family and society and the drive he has in fulfilling his dreams of becoming a world-renowned artist. The Political Activist and American author by name Hellen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”. We need you to ensure that Godwin Samuel has access to quality education. With your donations we will be able to give Samuel a fully funded scholarship through to the end of his secondary school education We would be enrolling Samuel in 3rd Term, Primary 4 at the Faith World Nursery & Primary School, Yaba and we are confident this would be the first of many steps that would help Samuel achieve his goal of becoming an artist when he graduates from university.

What will the funds raised help achieve?

We believe that embarking on this project will open doors of opportunity not just for Samuel's family but to the nation at large! We could not help but notice the great sparkle of joy which Samuel’s mother portrayed when she heard of the scholarship program. For 12 years, since she lost her husband, she had been the one taking care of the fees of her children, this has not been easy for her as her second child is visually impaired and will need to undergo certain treatments. She emphasized on the fact that she would want Samuel to go to school so that he will be able to take care of his younger sister. Embarking on this scholarship program will help lift the burden off Samuel’s single mum and also help her focus her resources on the treatment of his visually impaired sister. This project will definitely serve as a stepping stone to affect not just Samuel’s life but a lot of lives positively. We welcome you to join us on this journey to give Samuel hope of an education and help him realize his dreams of becoming an artist. No amount is too small, and no amount is too much. Thank you.

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