EcoBuildHer empowers single mothers, widows, and vulnerable individuals in sustainable construction, fostering self-reliance."
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My journey has been one of rejection, neglect, and struggle, but it has also been a journey of resilience, empowerment, and hope. I faced rejection and negligence, both from my own father and the man I trusted as my husband. When my husband left me and our newborn twins, I was faced with an impossible choice, a choice no mother should ever have to make. I had to find a way to provide for my children, and so I embarked on a path filled with multiple businesses, each step more challenging than the last. Due to lack education and training, single mothers and widows aged 18 and above in southwest Nigeria struggle to find stable employment with decent wages. Some travel from other southwest states to Lagos state, where they sell goods on the streets and live in bus garages due to limited funds for renting apartments. They also contribute by working in local canteens, bakeries, and street cleaners. Ecobuildher aimed at empowering single mothers, widows, and vulnerable women with sustainable building construction skills to make them financially independent and self-sufficient

Why are you raising the funds?

Our project seeks to provide scholarships that cover the practical materials, tools, and equipment essential for a successful learning experience. Your support will enable us to provide comprehensive training by covering the costs of practical materials, tools and equipment. we are also training the single mothers, widows and vulnerable women in financial literacy, computer literacy and personal development skills that prepares women for the challenges and opportunities in sustainable building. By supporting the project, you are not just funding education; you are creating an effect for positive change that empowered single mothers, widows and vulnerable women to become catalysts for change in their communities, inspiring others to pursue careers in sustainable construction.

What will the funds raised help achieve?

The fund raised will help in training 20 single mothers, widows and vulnerable women in sustainable building construction skills. This will help in raising awareness about the opportunities and importance of sustainable building construction skills, they will be self-aware and understand the possibilities for their future. They will be empowered to think outside the box, find new ways to tackle challenges, and explore entrepreneurial opportunities within the construction industry. The women will thrive independently and financially with the ability to adjust to changing circumstances, technologies, and market demands. As they gain proficiency in sustainable building construction, they will not only contribute to the local workforce but also promote environmentally friendly practices in the construction industry.

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