Cervical and Breast Cancer Screening


N 893,000.00
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N 3,200,000
Funding Goal

What are you raising money for?

I wish to help 200 women get free cervical and breast screening and access free cryotherapy and sanitary towels in order to live healthier lives. The 2nd-anniversary conference of The Intentional Women Africa promises to be an excellent platform to attract and host 200 women in Lagos and its environs to be partakers of these screenings. We will provide free screening for cervical cancer and breast cancer, and give sanitary towels, books, food, drinks and training to the women present. These require huge money to make them available. Our guest speakers and trainers (medical doctors) would be fed and transportation needs money to cater for.

Why are you raising the funds?

I have had to make enquiries to get screened for cervical cancer and the price was outrageous. I felt pained, especially knowing that many women wouldn't afford the #60,000. I love women and care to help other women not to die like three important women in my life that I lost between 2020 and 2022 from cervical cancer and breast cancer. The level of awareness is poor in Nigeria and more women die from these malignant diseases because of late diagnosis because of ignorance and no funds to access early screening. I wish to help abate more deaths and sufferings by creating awareness and helping many to know their status and get help. To reach 200 women and more later as we achieve results and progress with the projects starting from Lagos, Nigeria. I want to save lives and make many happy.

What will the funds raised help achieve?

The funds would help to get materials for the screening by the medical teams coming from Abeokuta, Ogun State to Lagos State. It makes the screening cheaper for women at 7000 each person. It will pay for the hall that would accommodate 200 and above guests. It will provide food and drinks for the guests and participants. It will provide 20 pieces of sanitary towels. It will pay for publicity materials. It will provide refreshments, transportation support and gifts for the speakers. It will enable us to provide free cryotherapy for women diagnosed with cancerous cells and enable them to get cure in a good time by the medical team.

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