Using Social Media for Social Good

Social Media for Social Good

Social media is lately playing a significant role in transforming the lives of people positively. People are embracing the use of technology and social media sites to create awareness on for various causes. From Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) to poverty and community projects.

Social media connects to a broad audience of people all over the world for different reasons. Few are highlighted below:

  1. To network with like-minded organizations

Social media is significant to connect to an extensive network of organizations. You can join groups, like pages and add your friends to these organizations for philanthropic reasons. These groups will not be your competitors, but they will strive to change the community and vulnerable individuals in the society.

  1. Platform to connect with donors

Unlike the traditional ways of raising money by walking house to house, with social media, you would need to create an account or page or make use of online fundraising portals, and you will have an opportunity to interact with a large community of both local and international people who are willing to help you in raising funds for your social good.. With constant sharing of information on social media, you will get like-minded people with the same thought in mind.

A good example is Food drive for the internally displaced people hosted on

Through donations, MoyosoreOluwa Odunfa was able to help the displaced people in north Nigeria with food to eat. She was motivated by missing girls of Chibok and developed the passion for helping people in northern Nigeria.

 She chose the donate-ng  platform because of their transparency and secured payments methods. Moyo admits that her campaign to raise funds for the internally displaced people in Yola was made fruitful by the help of the donate-ng staffs. In addition to that, she applauded the people who took out their money and donated in response.

  1. Call to action

Social media gives you the advantage of displaying your call of action better and efficiently. You can put your request of action on the internet with no costs at all. It also makes it easy for your donors to get the right link to your page where they can make donations and make an impact on other people. An example is Claire Diaz-Ortiz, who created social implications by in Twitter that eventually lead to the formation of a non-profit organization.


How you can use donate-ng for social use

donate-ng is a donated-based Crowdfunding platform and is the best place to seek for fundraising for social or charitable causes in Nigeria. The platform offers an opportunity for interacting with an extensive network of donors and philanthropists who are willing to change the lives of people in the community. Their staff will help you in making your fundraising campaign successful. Please visit to register and start your fundraising campaign for free.

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