Using Online Fundraising to achieve SDGs

Sustainable development goals are 17 global objectives that aim to alleviate poverty and ensure people live in a peaceful and prosperous environment. These goals are combined and represent three crucial areas of development; economic, environmental and social.

Of the 17, one is most sacrosanct to human survival and dignity. This is;

Ending poverty and its form everywhere

This SDG aims to eradicate abject poverty all over the world and comprises of people living below 1 dollar every day. It targets to ensure all men and women especially the poor and vulnerable have access to essential services, finances, technology, ownership and control of land by 2030. This goal also protects people living with disabilities as UN research has proven that there is a bidirectional connection between poverty and disability. Disability leads to poverty as it prevents these affected people from engaging in economic activities that will make them sustain and improve their living standards.

To meet these goals, Governments world-over are not only spending money, but also coming up with policies that support NGOs that want to help with the achievement of the SDG. These NGOs will among other things, generate funds to tackle projects aimed at achieving the goals.

Most donors, prominent celebrities and philanthropists are being nominated as SDGs ambassadors and if you want the attention of these funders, it is high time you intellectualize on how to use these SDGs for your benefit.

It is very challenging to raise funds to help those who are disabled, poor and vulnerable in most developing countries, however, with the existence of online fundraising platforms like donate-ng, you will find donors and philanthropists who will raise money for your charitable causes.

Why use donate-ng for fundraising

As one of the pioneers of online crowdfunding in Nigeria, donate-ng are the go-to place for charitable fundraising. Using their platform has the following advantages

  • Compared to other forms of raising money online, this platform  is transparent  and quick.
  • It is easy to be part of donate-ng, you are required to register, create a fundraising portal and receive the amount contributed.
  • Multiple means of receiving donations.
  • Allows donation from all over the world through Paystack and Paypal.
  • Prompt and effective disbursement of received donations to the project owner.

Register to fundraise online

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