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donate-ng is a transparent crowdfunding

So many doubted the feasibility of a transparent crowdfunding or online fundraising platform  in Nigeria with the possiblity to deliver at per with world class crowdfunding portals, this birth donateng..

donate-ng set out on a journey a little over a year, with the hope to bridge the gap between Charity organisation, Charitable causes/campaign and individuals (donors) with the heart and will to support the causes raised in Nigeria by Nigerians – We knew this was possible through transparent Crowdfunding and online donations using modern day online payment solutions.

The donate-ng team dreamt of lending a voice to the sick who needed money for treatment. We longed to help build/rehabilitate schools, provide clean water, build places of worship and empower those who are hitherto powerless; bearing in mind that we all draw our strengths from each other and knowing that I am who I am because of who we all are.

We make bold to say; we are Nigeria’s go-to crowdfunding platform. We do not mean this in a braggadocios way, in fact this is not our words but an expression of the numerous people whom we have had the privilege to have helped raised funds for their charity and charitable causes on our platform.

We would like to share some of our dear users experience with you. Happy reading:

“I have always found it hard in getting a good crowdfunding system
especially one that is Nigerian and where you don’t have to battle with
international verification and non acceptance of Nigeria as found in
foreign crowdfunding systems. Using donate- ng was seamless and as far as I
know the only one that was able to effectively introduce and make use of
the phone coding system. This makes fund raising easier especially for
those who dont like to have to go directly to the bank.

Kudos to the team”
Toyin Adesola
Exec Dir Sickle Cell Advocacy & Mgt Initiative
Health Coach & Founder Better You Academi

“We felt crowdfunding processes for a charitable cause was going to be a
daunting task. I can confirm that it wasn’t with donate-ng.com.

Their processes and work on our campaigns made a significant difference to
our funding and outreach efforts from the first day. With an engaging and
result-oriented staff members always responding to our needs and
professional, easily accessible customer service on call, running our
campaigns on their website made us feel they took us as a partner. The
results we achieved surpassed my expectations and has given us confidence
to use them again. I will easily recommend donate-ng.com to anyone seeking
results. We simply can’t put a price on the value we have received from
donate-ng.com and owe so much to their team.”
Disu Kamor (MPAC)

“Being of Nigerian descent, I was very proud to use a fund raising
platform that was designed for Nigeria. Donate-Ng was very easy to set
up and use. There are variety of options for people to make payments
from all around the world to support causes in Nigeria. The customer
service was excellent as my peculiar needs were met without any
complaints. I would definitely encourage people to use this platform
to support charitable causes as well as donate-Ng”
Tope Obasanya (The Love Project)

“I was introduced to donate-ng by my Boss as she wanted to me to handle a fund-raising campaign for her dad’s birthday as he wanted to build a church and the need to raise funds arose. The process of filling the form was smooth and easy, Mr Oluwasegun Olojo-Kosoko a staff of the crowdsourcing app made it easier. Anytime i get confused on what to do and how to go and get people using the app, He would come up with amazing ideas to drive traffic and words of encouragement helped to see the completion of the project. It was a beautiful time as i learnt a whole learn while working on this project. I highly recommend them.”

Bunmi Ademoroti

“I contacted my friend Mr Oluwasegun Olojo-Kosoko about having a Fund-raising event for my Dad’s birthday. I asked a member of my staff to reach him and do the needful. I was amazed at the results. I highly recommend them.”


“Donate-NG is a great online fundraising platform for charities. They made
it possible for ordinary citizens to come together and raise funds for
humanity. Their customer service is second to none, particularly in the
areas of swift response to customer demands, prompt disbursement of funds
and accountability. They made our campaign, #SaveBornoIDPs, a Citizen-led
initiative, possible. My deep respect and gratitude to Donate-NG. It will
not be wrong to call them Nigeria’s best online fundraising platform. I
told you about them, tell a friend!”

Dr Jaliyyah Bello (SDGsNigeria Action Group)

“We saw a need, Nigerians dying in IDPs camps and our humanity went to work immediately but here lies a challenge; how do we get Nigerians to donate to a cause believing their money will be used for the intended purpose. We thought a reliable transparent crowdfunding platform that is easy to use and trusted to deliver would be great. We started searching and came across donate-ng.

I went through the enrollment process and needed to provide referees for second level verification. Not long after I made submission, donate-ng went to work and in less than few hours the #SaveBornoIDPs citizen-led campaign was up on their platform. donate-ng customer service is excellent. Their promise can be taken to bank without disappointment. Even on weekends, they supported us all through.

They deployed several means of payment making donation easy for people and rose to the challenge of engaging potential donors who may be experiencing challenges. donate-ng rendered the #SaveBornoIDPs Citizen-led initiative one of the most transparent campaign I have ever been involved in. The platform allows you to see amounts donated and number of donors, for those who want to remain anonymous donors, it also allowed it.

When it was time to take delivery of funds that have been raised, there was no story. They rendered the account clearly and every kobo was accounted for. I believe the #SaveBornoIDPs Citizen-led campaign was successful in part because we got a trusted transparent crowdfunding and donor-friendly platform in donate-ng.

I recommend donate-ng as the most trusted transparent crowdfunding platform to meeting your fund raising challenge.”

Of all the experience you get with donate-ng, one stands out and is synonymous with all that have worked with; they all achieved their aim of changing lives.

Wale Micah (SDGsNigeria Action Group)


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