donate-ng: Successful Crowdfunding campaign tips

In today’s day fast pace and increase technology, there are a lot of distractions faced by the human race; hence it takes a lot of effort to get people’s attention and focus on a particular thing. However, it takes a little effort to get people distracted.

So, how do you ensure you get people’s attention on your crowdfunding campaign? Scanning through successful crowdfunding campaign stories we have a few tips for you.


  1. Prepare Your Face off

“People don’t want to back a campaign that’s not going to work,” says writer and entrepreneur Seth Godin on his crowdfunding experiences, and you can’t use crowdfunding as a shortcut to avoid properly fleshing out your ideas.

  1. Strategic Social Media

You don’t need a blanket presence on social media, though the wider your reach the better. Pick the networks that best match your marketing and content strategies and where your potential supporters are most likely to be found. Don’t forget to customize your promotion to suit each platform too

  1. Produce a Great Video

Video clips give visitors a better idea of your project — they can see you or your product in action rather than clicking through a series of static images. They are also labor-intensive, so don’t attempt to put together a clip if you don’t have the time, resources and expertise required. An amateur-looking video isn’t going to convince anyone to get involved, and at worst, could damage your campaign’s credibility.

It’s usually well worth paying for help to make your video pitch the best it can be because of the investment it will attract. Seth Godin again, on the campaign he ran that reached its goal in three hours: “There’s something about the medium that makes the video even more important than you’d think.”

  1. Create a Helpful Media Page (donate-ng portal)

You’ve no doubt seen some of the most popular crowdfunding projects covered in the press, but this won’t happen if you don’t have a solid website and some press materials that journalists can download. Even if you’re a one-man show, don’t rely on your Facebook page to do it all. If journalists can’t find more information about your project and some high-resolution pictures to illustrate their features, they may choose to promote a different project instead.

  1. Communicate Often.

Communication in every facet of life is important. Always ensure you communicate often in anyways possible. Who do you communicate with? Your Friends, Family, Colleagues, Public and possible those that don’t like you but equally believe in what you are doing.

How do you communicate, by SMS, Chat, Email, Fliers, Posters, etc.


Am very sure these few tips would go a long way in helping you develop a successful campaign.

Would bring you more tips next time.


Credit: part content sourced from ignitiondec

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