#RunForACause FAQs

What is #Runforacause

#RunforACause is a donate-ng initiative that encourages people get fit by running for social good or for charity in a big to raise funds. 

Participating athletes of the Lagos city marathon take advantage of the publicity to promote a social good or charity they are passionate about; sharing picture of their fitness journey and encouraging friends, family and their loved ones to support them by donating towards their crowdfunding campaign.

Why should i run for charity?

Charity runs are a great way to get fit and raise money for a cause that is close to your heart.

This way you are not just complaining about a cause you are passionate about, but actively doing something about it while keeping fit irrespective of the amount raised, you are fulfilled knowing you were part of a cause greater than you!

What is the benefit for me as a runner?

Apart from the physical benefit of keeping fit, there are the memories of running for a good cause and ultimately the impact of your charity run on your beneficiary is a long-lasting fulfillment.

How will the charity collect the money I raise?

Proceeds are remitted to charities at the end of the campaign or when requested (whichever comes first)

How will people donate?

As you share the crowdfunding link, Donor click on the DONATE button boldly inscribed on the campaign portal as they open the url. This present the payment gateway options. For example donate offline by bank transfer or donate online using the secured payment gateways provided. 

Will money be sent to me?

The platform www.donate-ng.com have multiple payment gateways allowing donation from anywhere in the world saving the hassle of send account details among others, and for transparency all donations are updated on the campaign as received.

Donations are remitted after bank/admin charges at the end of the campaign or when requested (whichever comes first)

Is there any way to confirm the charity is real?

@donate-ng, we go an extra mile ensuring all campaigns are vetted and validated before approval. All our charities are registered under CAC with an active board.

How can I know for certain what the money is used for?

Our charities sends impact reports after campaign has been executed, detailing amount raised, how it expended and before and after status of beneficiary highlighting impact.

How do I participate to run for charity?

Simply visit www.donate-ng.com/runforacuse to register or send an email to info@donate-ng.com

How can I get people to donate to support to my charity run?

A link to donate will be provided to you, days leading to the run (and even after) you can share this link on all your social media handles, send as sms and email inviting friends, family and audience from anywhere in the world to give to support your run for a cause,.

You can also promote your #runforcharity through ad and other means.

Can I run for a personal cause that is not charity?

Yes, you can run for a personal cause.

What happens if I do not reach the fundraising target before the run?

You can either choose to extend the fundraiser date to allow you more time to reach more people for donations (even after the race) or request the amount donated be remitted to the charity.

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