Top Non-Profit Organization Checkers on the Web

Top Non-Profit Organization Checkers on the Web

Non-profit organizations help people in their communities. Their services are often free and they get money from the government and private donors to keep the organization running. The non-profit organization checker helps verify if an organization is a real charity, what percentage of donations go to programs, internal salaries, and more. If you are thinking of donating to a charity or non-profit group, read this article first! The best Non-Profit Organization Checkers can help you verify if an organization is real or fake, how much of your donation goes towards programs or administrative costs; whether an organization has been accused of fraud or mismanagement; or if an organization is tax exempt. These checkers can help make sure your money goes where it’s most needed and give you peace of mind before you donate.

What to Look for in a Non-Profit Organization Checker

There are a few things you should look for when choosing a non-profit organization checker. The first is if they are free. While some sites may offer a paid service, it’s important to note that these services are mainly used to sell products and services to fund the operation of the website, which means they aren’t completely unbiased. Another thing to look for is what type of organizations they check. Some sites are only for charities, while others will also check if an organization is a valid nonprofit. Some sites check associations, unions, and/or trade organizations as well. Some sites only check religious organizations. Make sure the site you’re using can check the type of organization you’re curious about before you start typing in your information. One more thing to look for is a quick response time. When you’re trying to research an organization, every second counts. If the site you’re looking at takes longer than you think it should to tell you the information you’re looking for, move on to another site. You don’t want to waste precious time when there are other places you could be getting your answers from.

Reputable and Trusted Charity Organizations

Charities and non-profit organizations that have been around for a while and have a proven track record of helping others are the best to donate to. These organizations are more likely to be legitimate, have lower administrative costs, and more of your donation will go toward the programs they are providing. New organizations may be legitimate, but they may not be able to operate as efficiently due to a lack of funds. Try to donate to organizations that have been around for a few years, have a proven track record, and are recommended by non-profit organization checkers.

Fake or Rogue Non-Profit Organizations

Rogue or fake non-profit organizations are fraudulent organizations looking to scam you out of money. These organizations seem like great ideas but are usually not real. Many of these organizations will try to get you to donate by asking for money for an emergency, like for an ill or disabled child. These organizations will often have websites that look very similar to real organizations. The website may have the name of the insurance company or non-profit organization in the URL or may have a .org after the organization’s name when the real company would have a .com. The website may also have misspellings or grammatical errors. These organizations may also ask for money via email or social media when the real company would only accept cash or check at their office. Avoid giving money to these fraudulent non-profit organizations and report them to the proper authorities by using a non-profit organization checker.


Before you donate to a non-profit organization, make sure it’s legitimate. A non-profit organization checker can help you verify the legitimacy of an organization before you donate. These checkers will also let you know how much of your donation goes towards the programs the organization provides, how much is used for administrative costs, and if the organization has been accused of fraud or mismanagement. With this information, you can make an informed decision about which organization to donate to.