Non-Profit Donation Centers: The Best Places To Donate Your Stuff

Non-Profit Donation Centers: The Best Places To Donate Your Stuff

Everyone has that one pair of jeans, jacket, or shoes that they just don’t wear anymore. Maybe it’s because they’re not comfortable, or maybe you just don’t like them anymore. We also pack new clothes as we get older and our tastes change. Unless you have an unlimited supply of storage space, at some point in your life you will have to get rid of those old clothes. Instead of throwing them away, why not donate them to a good cause? If you are thinking about getting rid of the old stuff cluttering up your closet, here are some places where you can donate clothing to help others. You never know when someone else may be in need and these places will put your donations to great use.


If you’re looking for somewhere to donate clothing, shoes, and household items, Goodwill is one of the best places to do it. They accept donations at all of their stores across the country. Additionally, you can ship your clothes and other items directly to their facility, which can help reduce clutter in your home. Goodwill also accepts books and computers. You can find the nearest location to you by visiting their website. The best thing about donating to Goodwill is that your items will help someone else when they’re in need. The money that Goodwill makes from your donations benefits their job training programs. This helps people get back on their feet and gain employment. When you donate clothing to Goodwill, you can choose to have them either resell the items or look at them for potential repair. Goodwill is known for their high-quality repairs and alterations, making them great for clothes that you still like but aren’t in the best shape.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is one of the most recognizable organizations for charitable giving. You might associate them with bell-ringing volunteers during the holiday season, but they provide many services throughout the year as well. The Salvation Army accepts donations of clothing and household items year-round. They are open most days of the week and have donation bins at many locations. You can also ship your donations directly to the Salvation Army, and they have a pickup available as well. The Salvation Army also accepts furniture, computers, and books.

Council for the Homeless

If you’re looking for somewhere to donate clothes, shoes, and household items, the Council for the Homeless is a great option. Their mission is to end homelessness in the New York City area. By collecting donations and distributing them to shelters, they help keep people off the streets. The Council for the Homeless accepts donations at their facility in Manhattan. They also have an online donations page, so you can easily ship your donations from home. The items that they accept are clothing, shoes, bedding, towels, and kitchen supplies. They do not accept furniture, bikes, books, or computer equipment. The Council for the Homeless is a great place to donate if your city doesn’t have a homeless shelter nearby.


Clothing is one of the easiest things to donate. It doesn’t take much effort to clean out your wardrobe and let go of items that no longer fit or are no longer useful. It can feel gratifying to give these items to someone who may not have the resources or space to buy new clothing on their own. Many places accept clothing donations, so it may feel overwhelming to decide which organization is best. The best way to find a good fit is to look into each organization’s mission, hours of operation, and what types of donations they accept. These are the best places to donate your unwanted clothing items.