MPAC raises 369k for blind muslims using donate-ng crowdfunding portal

The Muslim public affairs center (MPAC) is one of the leading religious advocacy groups catering for the welfare of Muslims in Nigeria. They do a lot of fund raising for all their projects. This has always been a very tedious, energy zapping and time consuming process in past, with the funds raised not commensurate to the time and resource deployed. But it has to be done for it is what they do. According to their website:

“MPAC is not affiliated to any organization locally or abroad and we maintain political neutrality and independence in our works. MPAC relies only on financial support from individual donors to run and sustain its projects. As a matter of policy, MPAC DOES NOT accept any funding from foreign bodies, organizations or governments. Insha Allah, the political and financial independence of MPAC will sustain the future of our works and help represent the sentiments and interests of Nigerian Muslims and Muslims everywhere.”

So when they decided to raise funds to provide Braille Embosser Machines to cater for Blind Muslims, it only made sense to seek, One of Africa’s leading crowdfunding platform. Like many others who have used our platform, they had doubts about the sincerity and accountability of anyone claiming to help raise funds.

In 3 months they were able to raise 369,000NGN for this project and every penny of it accounted for.

“What surprises me the most is the fact that Donate-ng; a Nigerian company can run a platform that raises money without short-changing the client in any way. Their feedback and accountability in unrivalled. The whole transaction was transparent and seamless.”

Donate-ng once again lead the way in showing the world that online crowd-funding is very possible here in Nigeria. Nigerians are a very generous people, and this can be seen in the way we rally around to render help to anyone in need.

From the daily giving of alms to the needy, to donation by envelope printing for individuals and organizations, we even come together to donate money to send a brilliant child to school abroad.

Online crowd-funding is just an extension of our everyday kindness and generosity. Donate-ng is merely creating a platform and using technology to bridge the distance divide. By helping to tell your story, we are asking the world to join in and help achieve and be part of a wonderful story of hope in the face of despair. This is our aspiration and it is what we sleep, wakeup, eat, drink and live for. We remain passionate about helping you achieve whatever it is you set out to.

You too can start a fund raising campaign for a pet project for free using the donate-ng platform at

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