Featured Campaign- Food Drive for Internally Displaced Persons

Our featured successful campaign for this month is; Food Drive for Internally Displaced Persons in Yola, which was led by MoyosoreOluwa Odunfa.


Moyo’s motivation was first the missing Chibok girls, which moved her to wanting to do something to help the situation in the North. Secondly, the stories about the plight of IDPs in Nigeria. “I kept hearing about the appauling conditions in which they lived, and I wanted to play my part to help to at least reduce some of the hardship they have been going through” – Moyo said.

donate-ng was her choice of crowdfunding portal because she not only have come across some campaigns linked to donate-ng in the past but also because donate-ng is affiliated with
one of Nigeria’s most secured payment gateway.

Moyo also said, “donate-ng is an effective and efficient platform for crowdfunding. It is easy to use and very interactive. The staff provided continuous and timely help.” She attributed the success of her campaign to the beautiful and caring people who felt my cause was worth it and donated in response. Also because donate-ng was very helpful and responsive all through the journey.

The project was a Food Drive to pool together food for Malkhoi camp in
Yola, Adamawa state. Malkholi camp is made up of approximately 5000 people, predominantly children. Moyo and her team were able to raise N177,000 via the donate-ng crowdfunding platform. With the support of The Guiding Light Assembly IDP committee the money was used to buy food in Adamawa so as to cut transport costs and presented to the IDPs in Malkholi camp.


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