Featured Campaign- Sharing Love to the Less privileged: THE L.O.V.E project way

When Mrs. Olu Obasanya contacted us last December, she came across as someone genuinely caring for the less privileged. Spoke with a lot of compassion and her dream of giving some orphans a cause to smile during the yuletide connected with donate-ng’s objectives of connecting the needy to an equally willing donors.

In her own words, “The motivation came out of a need to take action as a Christian to find a way to share the Love of God. Choosing orphans was based on the bible teaching about showing love to the fatherless, prisoners and widows.”

Within just 2 months of publishing, she was able to raise N182,500.00 which was enough to put smiles on the faces of the 48 children in the SOUGHT AFTER Children Orphanage. With her steadfastness, professionalism of the donate-ng team and donations from the good people of Nigeria and the world, Olu’s dream of showing love to the needy and vulnerable kids was achieved.


In her “thank you” letter received recently, she expressed gladness and her appreciation to the donate-ng team for putting a face to her dream and bringing it to fruition. She praised the ease-of-use of the portal as well as the level of transparency that was displayed throughout the period of the fundraising. According to her, “Donate-Ng was chosen as it was primarily the only credible Nigerian based crowdfunding portal and I wanted to support a Nigerian brand. It was also a time when foreign exchange was a big topic in Nigeria and so it made sense to have an option that made it easier for individuals domiciled in Nigeria to support my project.”

She was also impressed with the level of support she got from the donate-ng customer service team. In describing the experience, she stated that “The customer service received is unfortunately not a common thing you see with organizations in Nigeria. They were helpful with information along the way and made the process easy to understand. Also the deductible was not as high as some other similar giving websites which meant more money for the orphanage.”

To Mrs. Obasanya, donate-ng is the crowdfunding portal of choice and she would definitely be returning very soon with an even bigger project to help more orphans and other less privileged people in our society.


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