3 Site To Donate Shoes To In Africa

Site To Donate Shoes To In Africa

Children in sub-Saharan Africa walk without shoes and can withstand temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius.  A simple walk to school, home or work can be exhausting without the safety of shoes.  Unfortunately, in some parts of Africa this is the reality for children and adults who struggle with it on a daily basis.

       The danger of walking barefoot is exposure to sharp objects, harmful bacteria or infections in the ground, contaminated water, and the scorching heat of most soils.  Intestinal worms such as hookworms can penetrate the skin more easily.  Without adequate and prompt treatment, these infections can lead to chronic disease, amputation and death.

       This is more likely in Africa due to poor sanitation and high poverty.  Although neglected, shoes play an important role in everyday life.  The terrifying reality for many Africans lies in the midst of buying food or shoes.

       1. Shoe 4 Africa

       We are charity oriented.  Donors are our partners and therefore deserve all the means to achieve the maximum possible impact.  Every dollar counts;  Don’t think that your charity doesn’t matter, it will make a difference.

       We don’t give six digit salary to anyone.  In fact, the sum of all our salaries after tax is less than $50,000.  We do not have an office in New York;  We work from our apartment to keep costs down.  We do not pay other charities (“Partners”) for the work we do, as many “intermediary charities” are started.  If not, wouldn’t it be more honest to ask them to donate directly to a partner they trust (obviously) and avoid inefficient double payments?

       What do we do?  important work;  Save the lives of African children.

       There are many ways in which you can help. Maybe you’re in the health/education world, maybe you know someone at a foundation (maybe you’re a foundation).  Presentations are the beginning of an amazing journey.  Of course, simple and simple donations work too (press the red donate button) and there are donations to the campaign – starting a campaign with us is the perfect way to go on a journey.

       2. Shoes4Souls

       The main goal is to get people who do not have a new or used pair of shoes.  People living on the street without a permanent address often buy less shoes.  In South Africa and across Africa, many people make a living on a subsistence level, making handicrafts for sale on the side of the road, recycling waste, selling newspapers or collecting car waste for small charities.  For parents, it is difficult to pay for school shoes because of the high cost and the short wear time due to the growing foot.  Shoes4Souls aims to restore dignity and fulfill one of our most basic needs, a pair of shoes on our feet.

       3. Give Africa

       More than 2 billion people suffer from soil-borne diseases and parasites (liver).

       They live in areas that lack adequate sanitation and hygiene.  because they do not have enough clothing, resources or health insurance;  They often get sick and struggle.  Children suffer daily, miss school and cannot help their families.

       Many of these diseases and parasites enter the body because people do not have shoes.

       With your help, we can prevent annoying and painful jig infections.


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