Crowdfunding in Nigeria – How little drops can make a mighty ocean

We have heard about the concept of the little drops of water that makes the mighty ocean. We were taught that every little effort we make amounts to the huge success that everyone sees. An athlete’s feat is a combination of every effort he/she has ever put in on the way to the achievement. Every step, every sleepless night spent perfecting a move, every advice taken from the coach, every drink and every food eaten/abstained from, all combines to make up the champion that we all see.

In the same vain the little donations in a Crowdfunding campaign can help serve the purpose. N1000 donated by ten thousand of the Nigeria’s 180 million Citizens can provide portable water to a thousand people in a remote Village in Borno or help educate 100 children in Enugu, or even foot the surgery bills of a sick child in Akwa-Ibom. No country of the world can adequately cater for all of its citizens’ needs, although some can do better than others. It then behooves on individuals in every community, Local Government area and states all over the nation to work together with kind hearted people all over the world to help each other in times of despair.

On this platform we have spoken about the success story of Kehinde; the little 5 year old child with a Cancerous lump on her right ear. The innocent little girl was unable attend school, Church or even playground because of the ailment. We met her totally sad and her family was exhausted and drained from spending all they had for the treatment. They could barely even take care of the other 3 children they had. They had lost all hope. When they reached out and asked Nigeria for help through donate-ng we all obliged despite the country’s economic downturn. We all associated with their struggles and decided to donate our little drops that made up the 1.3 Million Naira Ocean that helped save Kehinde’s life. We all pulled together at the time of crises in the life of one of us and said “NO. This child cannot die on my watch” that is the spirit of Nigeria which came to fore and facilitated by Crowdfunding.

Every day we come to hear about cases like Kehinde and we feel pained that we don’t have enough money to help. In actual fact we do have enough money to help. You don’t need to be a Millionaire to assist a fellow in need. That little drop of kindness, that 500 naira you can spare will go a long way to help shine a light to the life of a person in need. To bring smiles to faces of those in despair. And when you hear or read about the success story, you can also smile; knowing you are part of the reason a complete stranger can also afford a smile.

We hear and read about some crowdfunding platforms who raise money and don’t remit to the real people in need. We are saddened that a few bad individuals take data of a sick child and use it to get crowdfunding from all over the world without any intention of remitting. We wonder how you are able sleep at night. How you are able to deal with your conscience knowing your despicable actions have put live of a sick child on the edge. You also by your actions breed a seed of disconnect between potential donors and other credible crowdfunding platforms like donate-ng, thereby denying help to millions of others in need.

At donate-ng, our utmost aim is to help bridge the gap between the needy and the donors. We take a stand to help whoever you are to reach whoever is out there to contribute his/her little drop to make the ocean of desired fund required for whatever will take you from despair to joy. The passion, integrity and professionalism we put in to link people in need with their donors comes from our conviction that no man/woman should stay silent and suffer while help is just a click away. That everyone deserves to get help in times of need. Donate-ng takes it as a duty to ensure the world hears your story and also help you collate the little drops into the ocean that you require. Integrity and professionalism are our watchword. These are the values that we hold dear to our hearts and it defines our everyday lives.

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