Digital marketing tips for charity

5 Digital Marketing Tips for Charity

What is Digital marketing: Is the component of marketing that uses internet to promote products or services (Charity works).

Here are the 5 best digital marketing tips for Charity:–

1. Your website should be simple

Your website is the first port of call for people seeking advice or information about your concern.

While super slick professional web design is more pleasing to the eye, you can skip it (and the hefty price tag) if you:

easy navigation

Well-written, concise pages that quickly tell the reader what they want to know

Not a lot of “clutter” like ads, scrolling carousels, twitter feeds, etc.

Each page should, if possible, be no longer than 400 words and should be subdivided into pages with meaningful headings and keywords, as well as links in bold. Like it or not, many people will read your content, so keep it short and to the point, so they can quickly get the gist of each page.

2. Use social media to show the people behind the charity.

Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are inherently social spaces. People go there to consume content that they find interesting, inspiring or stimulating, so you want to be here to start (and be) a conversation.

Instead of trying to create the next #NoMakeupSelfie or #IceBucketChallenge, why not focus on your charity’s great day-to-day work?

You can do this by sharing photos of your recipients or service users, posting quotes from your volunteers about what they get from volunteering for you, and, no matter how obvious they seem to you, to your website. Link to all.

Photos dominate social media. So use a free image editor like Canva to overlay motivational quotes on photos (eg the volunteer who said it). These pictures are very attractive and usually attract lots of likes, comments, and retweets.

3. Send an email to your customers

Email is an active channel, which is much more than social media. The number of people using email is always much higher than that of social media, so this channel cannot be ignored.

Our inboxes are like our private online areas these days. So, when you have the email addresses of your customers, you should feel very privileged to have access to this field. use it well.

Sign up with one of the many email service providers like Mailchimp, Dotmailer, or Constant Contact, embed an email registration form on your website and try to email the list at least every two weeks.

Tell your followers about your upcoming charity events, work, and campaigns. Define your vision for a better world and tell them how to get involved. And don’t forget a great call to action, like this example from Macmillan below.

4. Make sure your website works on mobile devices

Take a look at your next train and count how many people are consuming the information on their smartphones and tablets. I guarantee it will be the majority, which means a mobile presence is essential for your club. It’s no longer a “nice to have”, it’s a necessity.

Your website should be readable on mobile devices without pinching or zooming in. Ideally, you have a responsive website that works on all devices and is built by a cool, quiet agency. If you can’t afford it, try cheaper alternatives like Duda, Josie, or Zoho.

5. Install and analyze Google Analytics

Let’s assume, you already have a website. And if so, you can easily find out how people are finding your website using Google Analytics.

Ask your website building agency or person to install Google Analytics (they know how to do it), then take a look at some of the best standard reports: Acquisitions/Summary that tells you where everything is coming from is and percentage. They immediately disappear again (bounce rate).

When you are short of time, take a look at the top two sources of traffic and do your best to bring in more people through these channels.

Next, go to the Behavior/Insights report, which shows you the 10 most visited pages on your website. Generally, the first 10 pages get more hits than all other websites. So be sure to keep these pages nice and short, with a good call-to-action for each.

We hope you enjoyed 5 Digital marketing tips for charity below are more.