8 community service ideas for high school students

8 Community Service Ideas for High School Students

We are excited to share with you 8 community service for high school students.

High schoolers are not limited to community service or generally doing good deeds, there are some opportunities for them, and a few are listed below.

Crowdfund for a cause

Many causes need support, think about one that you are most passionate about, it could be animal welfare, civil right, sexual harassment, gender inequality or anything else. Create a fundraiser and get your community involved, it doesn’t have to be a physical fundraiser; a virtual one will do just fine. Set a goal and spread the word.

If you don’t know where to start, platforms like Gofundme and paypal will allow you receive donations from people around the world.

Volunteer in an animal shelter

Pets are man’s best friend, many people love animals and keep them as pets and if you do too then this might be the right service for you. Volunteers are needed in animal shelters to help clean up cages, raise funds for medical expenses, balance account books and inventories as well as feed the animals. So if you are an animal lover you should take it into consideration, you just might end up taking home a pet!

Hold or join a clean-up rally to promote conservationism

If you are passionate about making the world a better, greener and cleaner place, then this one is for you. Grab a friend or two and get busy with the trash, ensure you go to prime spots where you know people are careless with the trash and while you are at it, educate the masses on the effects of pollution on our planet and how we all can work together to ensure a greener future.

Donate to homeless shelter

Homeless shelters are non-profit meaning that they receive no monetary gains from the work they do, all funds are gotten primarily from grants or donations and these funds are channeled into feeding, clothing and comporting the homeless. As a high schooler you can collect donations from your neighbors, family or friends and send them to a shelter in your locale. Donations can include food, new or neatly worn clothes, blankets and other amenities.

Teach a class in your community

Be it skill acquisition, exam preparatory or just a regular music class, people are willing to learn and experience new things but do not have the means. You just might be giving a person a full on experience that will change their lives or even make them consider certain career paths. Whatever you do, know that you will be directly impacting lives.

Volunteer at a hospital

Most public clinics are short staffed and require a lot of help, try reaching out to these clinics to find out if you can extend your support to them. Your efforts will be deeply appreciated.

Volunteer work at the clinic can include responding to calls, holding a fun activity day, assisting in the kitchen and many more.

Send care packages to the homeless and needy

The homeless are vulnerable because they require basic amenities such as shelter, food or warmth, which they do not have and this makes them easily susceptible to diseases, violent attacks and starvation. An actionable plan is to send care packages that will consist of items like food, water, blankets and other essentials needed. You might need the help of your friends and it might cost a lot of money to pull this off but it’s all worth it!

Run social media for a non profit

Non-profits get their supports in terms of grants, donations or volunteer. Most non-profits do not pay wages to staffs and if they do it is in form of stipend to cover basic needs that help them work better such as transportation fare or internet fee. You can relieve the burden of having to contract a social media manager by volunteering to run their social media. This will increase their online visibility and expose such organizations to more funding opportunities.

Among the above list of community service for high school students you will definitely find something that resonates with you, whichever you choose to do over the holiday is fine as long as you are making an impact.