7 Funds for NGO’s in South Africa you Should be Aware of

Funds for ngos in South Africa

NGO’s need necessary funding in order to operate and there are grants that call for application all year round and specifically from South Africa.

Rapid Response Funding is disbursed for discreet activities and short projects that would allow timely response to unforeseen events where it is strategic that action be taken.

The funds can also be used to support innovative ideas, new organizations and movements. This grant is mostly disbursed to organizations that respond to emerging issues on women’s rights and gender equality. Rapid Response grants are interventions that respond to immediate situations or emergencies, but deliver long term results.

The South African Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Projects (GGP) Programme was launched by the Japan embassy in South Africa to assist Non-Profit Organizations and local authorities by supporting small development projects which have a direct and immediate impact on the well-being of disadvantaged communities at the grass-roots level.

The GGP targets areas that aim to improve Human Needs such as projects that are highly beneficial to disadvantaged groups or communities.

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Pretoria launched its annual call for proposals for the Small Scale Development Projects. The Small Scale Projects (SSP) are one of the instruments of the development cooperation of the Czech Republic which aims to contribute to the local subject by small-scale development activities in accordance with the beneficiary country´s national development priorities.

The Women, Voice and Leadership South Africa (WVL-SA) created this fund to enhance the rights of persons with disability in South Africa. Through this grant the WVL-SA fund proposes to help persons with disabilities raise their voices, be visible and influence decisions where policies, budgets and laws are developed. They strive to promote leadership of persons with disabilities and see them drive the agenda at community, provincial and national level. This way they can enjoy equal rights and opportunities.

The Anzisha Prize aims to support young African Entrepreneurs trying to grow a small business in other to improve the economy and provide employment.

The Anzisha Prize is Africa’s biggest award for her youngest entrepreneurs aged 15 – 22 years which sums up to over USD $140,000 every year in business support and prize money to very young entrepreneurs from all over the continent

The fellowship is a three year program that celebrates and rewards business growth and during the course of the fellowship, businesses that show exemplary growth and initiative are rewarded with benefits and services such as short courses, cloud services and cash stipends.

Hlanganisa institute for development in southern Africa disburses funds to grassroots organizations and interest groups to provide essential community-led solutions to support local resilience and community wellbeing during this COVID-19 crisis period.

These funds can be used to:

  • Provide education and awareness around risk, prevention, early detection, of the virus.
  • Distribute food parcels to hard hit families and those who have been infected
  •  Support organizations offering home based care to the sick by providing the necessary supplies and offer relief accommodation to help with self-isolation in conditions where the home is inadequate

  • WWF Nedbank Green Trust

The WWF Nedbank Green Trust was created to provide support to environmental projects in South Africa and help fund innovative projects to help solve some of the greatest socio-environmental challenges in South Africa.

All these are done in the bid to promote sustainable environmental conservation and protect Biodiversity and maintain Ecosystem services in  South Africa.

The trust’s mission is to be a leading, independent and sustainable funding entity for environmental conservation in Southern Africa.


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