6 Social Enterprises Working with Women in Nigeria

6 Social Enterprises Working with Women in Nigeria

Social Enterprises in Nigeria

Below are 6 social enterprises that work to protect and empower women in Nigeria.

All around Nigeria, women to be protected and so there is a need for organizations that work solely to ensure that women’s rights are fought for and protected.


AWP NETWORK is an enterprise that supports women in their entrepreneurial journey through training. They seek to empower and inspire women to turn their business ideas into reality and build successful businesses. This organization creates unparalleled support and opportunities for African women of all ages.


She Leads is a platform that gives African women the inspiration and resources needed to live their best life. This platform is a growing community of over 700,000 African women that was established in 2014 with the sole purpose of empowering young women by providing the support needed to grow and improve their businesses and career.

They run programs and that help young females unlock their full potentials and accomplish their goals by building strong networks and instituting an entrepreneurship mindset.


Stand To End Rape is a youth-led social initiative in Nigeria that fights against rape, sexual assault, and all forms of sexual and domestic violence.

STER seeks to create awareness about sexual violence and its long-term effects such as stigmatization, depression, and death. This initiative offers counseling opportunities to victims and enlightens the public about issues concerning gender-based violence by running several campaigns that target youths and children in primary, secondary, and tertiary

They ensure that victims of sexual violence are being encouraged and allowed to speak up about the issues they face, providing them a safe space to communicate.


Female in Nigeria also knows as FIN is a social initiative that acts as a safe space where Nigerian women can speak freely about issues that concern them or bother them.

This initiative started as an invitation-only Facebook group to help people get things off their chest and cope with real-life problems by speaking to people about them.


AGS Tribe is a Pan-African community built to inspire, connect and build the capacity of young entrepreneurs and professionals. This initiative seeks to promote youth entrepreneurship to reduce unemployment and promote economic growth.

AGS TRIBE also empowers women with funding, fellowship and internship opportunities that are crucial for career advancement.


Awesome treasures foundation is a faith-based non-governmental organization founded in 1999 with the sole aim of raising young female leaders. This foundation has several projects that enable them to assist and support young women, these projects range from youth leadership networks to business incubation forums all in a bid to make successful entrepreneurs and leaders.

There are many more social enterprises working with women but there is still a need for more because there are still many parts of Nigeria where women are endangered and disregarded. This means there is still a lot of work to be done in order to make advancements.


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