Charities In Nigeria Saving Lives Daily

5 Charities In Nigeria Saving Lives Daily

Nigerians need as much help as they can, this help could come from the government, individuals, and private institutions. There are several charities that are committed to saving lives, by offering them the opportunity to live their lives fully and freely.

Here are 5 charities saving lives daily.


Life bank is a health charity initiative that aims at mobilizing medical resources by efficiently delivering them all around and even to low-income communities that lack them. They mobilize supplies such as medicines, oxygen, blood, medical samples, etc.

The need for critical supplies in our neighborhood is ever-increasing because the life expectancy of an average Nigerian is ever decreasing. Many deaths within Africa occur due to the inability to reach medical supplies, especially within remote areas.

With life bank, critical supplies can be distributed speedily and efficiently, thus saving lives.


Mamalette is a non-profit platform that provides first-hand information about childbirth to new African parents. The information provided on fertility and childbirth is extensively proven and researched by medical professionals and they include tools and education necessary to reduce mortality and promote healthy childbirth.

Mamalette aims to improve maternal health within Africa as the rate of maternal mortality increases. Many cases of maternal and child deaths could have been avoided if necessary medical procedures or counselling had occurred prior to child birth. Mamalette offers postpartum counseling to mothers  which helps them deal with the mental and emotional trauma that might have developed.


Women at risk is a non-profit organization that aims at creating awareness and offering a response to cases of sexual assault, rape, and human trafficking among women across Nigeria.

This foundation seeks to combat the effects of rape on the psychological, physical, and emotional well-being of victims enabling them to cope after such traumatic events. WARIF tries to provide solutions and prevent the underlying problems from reoccurring by sensitizing the public and shining light on issues relating to domestic violence.


STER is a youth-led initiative that advocates against rape, assault, or any other form of sexual violence.

This initiative uses its platform to enlighten the public about sexual violence and its effects like stigmatization, depression, or even death. They provide counseling opportunities to victims and defend vulnerable survivors. They also run several campaigns that target victims of sexual harassment in tertiary institution.

  1. The Domestic and Sexual Violence Team (DSVRT)

The Domestic and Sexual Violence Team is a group consisting of individuals that respond to cases of sexual violence with professional help, ranging from legal to psychological. This group is working hard in conjunction with the Lagos State government to eradicate gender based violence, enlighten the public on the dangers and provide necessary support for victims.

This charity also organizes trainings in other to empower survivors, seminars to educate children and teenager on the dangers of domestic and sexual violence and actions to take in case a threatening situation arises.

These charities are working endlessly in order to saving lives daily and make Nigeria safer and reduce the cases of rape and sexual harassment.

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