12 Small Things that Make Big Impacts

Small Things that Make Big Impacts

Small things that make big impacts you never had any idea. If you have ever heard of the saying “it all adds up” you will be able to relate to this.

This means that no matter how small your good deed is, it all adds up to create a big impact. There are certain gestures you make in your everyday life that you may consider insignificant, a few of them are listed below:

Show your appreciation

The world hurts mostly because people hardly care, try romanticizing your life and see how it goes. Appreciate the things you have in the world, no matter how big or small. It makes the whole difference. Be grateful for the life you have, your family, the food you eat, everything and you will see how much difference that makes.

Donate Money

The world is filled with underserved people that need a lot of resources, what might mean little or nothing to you could mean the whole world to someone else, so try to give whatever you can spare and you will be doing the world a great thing.

Donate time

Time is a resource and as much as we would like to, it can’t be kept like money. Many of us have prior engagements such as family or work, so it might be a bit difficult to volunteer but it will be extremely impactful if you can.

Be nice

This comes at no expense to anyone, and it benefits everyone. Try and be nicer to people, make it a normal thing plus you don’t know what they are going through. You just might make someone’s day.

Be a listener

Ever heard that everyone just needs someone to talk to? This is very true because everyone needs a listening ear and you can be that for someone. You just might have the solution to that problem and even if you don’t, it’s fine because listening alone is enough so don’t be pressured to find solutions.


The world is crying out for help, tons of plastic waste materials are washed into to ocean daily. It is our responsibility to be earth conscious, a simple change like recycling can help make the world a better place because it all adds up.

Help people

You should be generally inclined to help people, spread love and happiness that way you might be influencing others to do the same thus making the world a better place.

Commit to a cause

Everyone needs to hold on to or believe in something, you can’t say you have truly lived without having something worth fighting for.

So also, it is important to commit to a cause that you think is worth fighting for. It can be anything from world peace to hunger or education. This way you are fighting to make the world a better place

Give a compliment

It costs nothing to be nice to a stranger, a gesture as little as a compliment will never go unnoticed. You would be making someone’s day; as long as you are doing it genuinely you will be making an impact no matter how small.

Pay it forward

This is a term used to describe the beneficiary of a good deed repaying the kindness to others. This means that an individual that has experienced a good deed can show appreciation by repaying that deed to someone else.

Feed the needy

The world produces enough food for everyone still millions of people go hungry every day and many die from starvation and malnutrition. As little as providing a meal might seem, it does make a big difference.

Donate blood

About 36000 units of blood are needed in the United States and that number doubles towards Africa. There is a huge demand for blood that is not being met, a pint of blood donated could save a life.

No matter how small you think your good gesture might be, you should continue as you never know who you will be helping and in the end, it all makes a big difference. We hope this will make an impact.


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